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Strain Gauge Testing

ASME Pressure Vessel Strain Gauging

Figure 1: ASME Pressure Vessel Strain Gauging

Live Feed Data Acquisition

Figure 2: Live Feed Data Acquisition

Features and Benefits:

  • Get real time strain readings that can be converted into real time Von Mises stresses
  • Compare real life stress readings with theoretical Finite Element Analysis (FEA) stress readings
  • Get piece of mind knowing that your equipment meets or exceeds its intended working load limits
  • Get real time loading on equipment by use of strain gauge load cells
  • Applicable to compressive, tensile, and shear loading scenarios
  • Required as per API 8C section 5.3.2 for design verification
  • Stress verification for localized theoretical hotspots
  • Ensure equipment safety in hazardous working environment

Figure 3: Strain Gauge Rosette Adhered to 750T Lif Sub

R&D Engineering is devoted to meeting all of our customers needs while providing impeccable customer service. We firmly believe that with particular product applications comes a need for strain gauge testing. Whether it be required per specification or to ensure the safety of the end user, rest assured that R&D Strain Gauge Testing will meet and exceed all expectations. Please contact any member of our team for further details. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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